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Why choose our

Residential proxies?

Hype Proxies offers a complete package for Residential Proxies. We offer industry leading Static Residentials with DC speeds that are unbanned on Footsites, Mesh, Adidas, Nike and Supreme.
Or choose one of our Residential Data plans and manage your data 24/7 in your own dashboard. Unbanned for ALL sites. Over 60+ countries and 30M Ip addresses to choose from you can always find use with our proxies. 

No more discord generations and confusing setups when you need to generate proxies. Generate proxies in two steps and renew easily with one button. Everything in your fingertips.

We offer the Fastest Residential Proxies on the market.



Our proxies work for ALL sneaker sites. Unbanned and unthrottled. Thousands of checkouts every release.


Scrape the internet with our Residential Proxies for Ad research, Affiliate Testing, Travel Fare.

Social media

Hype Proxies will allow you to access Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and Facebook.